March 12, 2011

More Craft Space Makeovers

Here are some other little makeovers I did the day I cleaned the gameroom, as well as a few repurposed items I use to store craft supplies.

Ugly mirror we got from Chad's grandma:

I spray painted it with some paint the previous homeowner left in the garage (it's actually more purple IRL. Oh, and sweet reflection, I know..):

Used scrapbook paper to make these lame plastic bins nice to look at:

They coordinate with the wall art I also made-over:

I previously decorated this plain, supply holder I got from some scrapbook store, but I was over this paper:

So again I used paper that coordinates with the wall art. All I did was mod podge over the old paper:

Turned a frame into a memo board:

The container of flowers was actually the container for some really cute ice cream bowls my mom got us for Christmas from Pier 1. The shoeboxes hold photos and miscellaneous cards from birthdays, anniversarys, etc. The little basket with my glue gun is something I found from Goodwill for $1 or less, and I just spray painted it Antique White.

This basket was originally a fruit basket sent to us when Ally was born from Chad's grandparents. Here it's holding some albums:

The two cans here are actually soup cans I decorated with ribbon and twine, and the "Happiness" frame has a letter Chad wrote to me in the beginning of our relationship on some scrap paper as a background.

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