June 6, 2011

While Watching Sesame Street...

I made cookies the other night and told Ally she could have two and then she was done. About an hour or so later, right before bedtime, she disappeared to the bathroom and came walking back out in the living room with her little red step stool. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed her carrying it out of the kitchen. I asked her, "What are you doing, were you getting a cookie off the counter??" With her mouth full she said, "Nooo..."

Last night during her bath I was washing her hair and she started singing, "Walking on 'shunshine', Oooo, Walking on 'shunshine'!"

We brought Daddy some leftovers to the station and afterward made a quick stop at the Dollar Store to get something to do inside. The weather is already ridiculous and it's only June. So we got some watercolor paints, flashcards, a new coloring book, some drawing paper, and a plastic watering can so she can water the plants with me. As usual, she was running up and down the isles, grabbing everything in site while saying, "Oh Mom, look at this!" as well as having conversations with every person we came across. I'm always exhausted when leaving a store with Ally.


First Haircut


Tonight we gave Drew his first haircut. Chad used his clippers and cut it to about an inch in length. He really only has hair in the middle of his head (he was born with somewhat of a mohawk), and he ended up with something that resembled a rat tail in the back. Handsome little devil... :) Of course I saved his hair to put in his baby book. Now that it's trimmed, he almost looks like a blonde! Just like his mama.

rat tail before.

rat tail after.


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