March 11, 2011

Cheap & Easy Wall Art

If you Google "DIY Wall Art" you can find a ton of cute and often cheap ideas. This is just one of them. I first came across this idea at our previous home and knew it was something I could do in a very short amount of time. I bought some foam board from my local craft store, had Chad cut 6 squares, each 12 X 12, found some cute scrapbook paper, picture hangers and spray adhesive. This is what I originally came up with and had hanging at the other house:

I didn't have any place to put these particular colors in our new home and while I was cleaning the gameroom I decided to give them a makeover. Luckily for this project I had used the spray adhesive so I was able to remove the old paper easily. (Had I used something like Mod Podge I most likely would have just started from scratch.)

All I did was find some new paper I liked and adhered it to the foam board by using the spray adhesive once again.

Here's how I hung them:

My finished product:

Very cute and very girly! And in the event that I ever get a real craft room and these colors don't coordinate, I can easily give them another makeover or hang them in Ally's room.

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