January 22, 2011

Flirtini Fridays!

My friend Sarah has decided to start "Flirtini Fridays," which are held every third Friday of the month. It's basically a bunch of girls getting together for the evening (kids are welcome) and just enjoying some drinks, snacks, and adult time (with someone other than our husbands). Yesterday was the first official Flirtini Friday and I took Ally with me. Chad went out with a couple of the other husbands and ended up stopping by at the end of the night. Not only did I get my adult time, but Ally got some much needed kid time. I love seeing her interacting with kids her age. I wish I would have gotten some more pictures (the only one from the get-together is the one with Tweety). The next one is on the 18th of February so I'll get to show off both of my babies and enjoy a drink or two.. or at least a sip (ah, breastfeeding).

Daddy was showing Ally how to pose

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