January 22, 2011

37 Weeks

1. How far along? 37 weeks and officially full term. According to our ultrasound (yesterday), baby is approximately 7 pounds, give or take a pound, and good to go!

2. Weight gain? Right around 32 pounds.

3. Signs of labor? Braxton Hicks and that's about it.

4. Sleep? Could be better. I wake up every hour or so to flip sides because my butt, hips, and legs cramp easily these days. Also doesn't help having a husband who sleeps like this:

5. Best moment this week? Seeing my baby one last time on the big screen and hearing that he's healthy and ready to come whenever.

6. Food cravings? SUGARRR :/

7. Food aversions? Not so much...

8. Looking forward to? Labor being over and seeing him for the first time.

9. Milestones? Full term and told by my OB to pick his birthday.. Ahh!

10. Pregnancy thoughts this week? This could very well be our last week as a family of 3.. Ally's last week as an only child. Soon the house will be filled with baby cries, I'll constantly have my Pam Anderson boobs out, and sleep will be a thing of the past once again. I just pray that as parents and partners, Chad and I can keep it together this time, be patient with one another, and smile more than fight. I can't help but be as anxious as I am excited and have I mentioned that I am so not looking forward to labor?!

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