January 24, 2011

Little Girl's Room

     Ally transitioned surprisingly well when we moved into our new house. Prior to moving she was still sleeping in a crib (she had just turned two), but we thought it would be the perfect time to upgrade her to a big girl bed. For the first couple of weeks she actually slept on a mattress on the floor in the baby's room while we got her room set up. Chad and I picked out the color of her room together, which is a very soft pinkish-purple. (He was sick of pink everywhere he turned so we tried to tone it down a bit.) I'm sure sometime in the future I might play around with new decorations and maybe even try to do something different with the furniture, but we worked with what he had and this is how it is for the time being:



     I'd like to find or make some art to put on the wall around her bed, figure out something to hide the clutter in her closet, and maybe someday in the distant future I'll paint her furniture and replace the knobs just to update the look a little more. I can't complain too much because we got all the furniture for free. I gave the bookcase a couple fresh coats of the same white we used on the trim. The curtains were in our living room at our old house and they were meant to be temporary, but I think I like them.

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