January 26, 2011

Last Baby Appointment

     Yesterday and into last night I was having a crazy amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. A couple of them actually caused me to wake up. I was nervous they were going to progress into the real thing while Chad was at work. The first thing my OB said when she saw my stomach was, "you've gotten smaller!" At my last appointment I was measuring 38 inches and today I measured 36, which means he has dropped even lower. I am also about 1-2 cm dilated so at least the B. Hicks were doing something other than making me uncomfortable. Right now our plan is to go in the night of the 3rd to start inducing and have him on the 4th, unless of course he decides to come sooner, which I would welcome at this point. So it's official, we will be a family of four in 9 days or less!

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