January 22, 2011

Second Pregnancy

Here are some pictures from this pregnancy...

June 15, 2010 - First ultrasound, just a speck on the screen
(My due date is February 12, 2011)

July 6 - starting to look a little more like a baby (feet up, head down)

August 11 - 13 weeks pregnant and somewhat resembling an alien
13 weeks - Baby is already favoring my right side.

14 weeks

September 13 - Today is the day we find out the sex...

We are having a baby BOY! :)

19 weeks, looking bloated.

23 weeks, starting to take shape.

24 weeks

25 weeks

29 weeks

31 weeks

34 weeks ultrasound, definately still a boy!

Ally loves her little brother.. Precious.

36 weeks

37 weeks (please excuse the dirty mirror!)

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